MALVIE French Magazine

The other side of Paradise

Fashion Designer: Nargiz Salwa
Photographer/Retoucher: Svitlana Turko
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Viktoria
Model: Aleksandra Antas

"I was born in Siberia, Yakutia, with frosts reaching -50 degrees C, and in the summer up to 20 degrees C. I lived there for several years. I spent my youth in Baku, Azerbaijan. I finally came to Poland from Moscow, to my present husband. After all my travels. , I started my whole passion from scratch in Poland. A few words about myself. I am a person who likes creativity and unconventional solutions. The rich experience gained in various places around the world allows me to use it in everyday life to create and inspire my work and passion. I am a strong person with a strong character who is not afraid of any challenges. Each subsequent challenge determines me to work harder and gives me great satisfaction." Nargiz Salwa

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