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Orange is the Color MALVIE Magazine www.

Orange is the Color

A Sensual Teen Model  Digital Cover MALV

Giorgia Mele

Coquette MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag.c


Coup de Cœur Digital Cover MALVIE Magazi

Coup de Cœur

Kira Zambrzhitskaya MALVIE Magazine www.

Kira Zambrzhitskaya

Inhale exhale MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIE

Inhale exhale

Rocknroll Angel Digital Cover MALVIE Mag

Rocknroll Angel

Autumn adventures MALVIE Mag Digital cov

Autumn adventures 

The princess saves herself in this one M


Devonte MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag.co


POSTURES MALVIE Magazine www.malviemag.c


Neil Chakraborty MALVIE Magazine www.MAL

Neil Chakraborty 

Nicelyne Georges MALVIE Magazine www.MAL

Nicelyne Georges

Softness MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag.c


The girl of stables MALVIE Magazine www.

The girl of stables 

Season of The Witch Digital Cover MALVIE

Season of The Witch

Contrasting Looks, the versatile Model D

Hannah Mary

Territory MALVIE Magazine-2.jpg


Fall for Beauty Digital Cover MALVIE Fre

Fall for Beauty

Flossy Garden MALVIE Magazine www.malvie

Flossy Garden

Ending Summer MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIE

Ending Summer 

The Countess of Casablanca Digital Cover

Meredith Moore

les miroirs  Digital Cover MALVIE Magazi

les miroirs 

Elegance is a woman MALVIE Magazine www.

Elegance is a woman

SARANA a miracle. MALVIE Mag Digital cov

SARANA a miracle

Look at me MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag

Look at me

Be Unique MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag.

Be Unique

Penthouse Living MALVIE Magazine Digital

Penthouse Living 

Chantelle Dinis MALVIE Mag Digital cover

Chantelle Dinis

Indomitable MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEma


Magdalena MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag.


Ritchbitch MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag


Girl in the garden MALVIE Magazine www.M

Girl in the garden 

Suceptible MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag


Kartvelians MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEma


Manifesting Dreams Digital Cover MALVIE

Crystallea Monroe

Autumn Dreams Digital Cover MALVIE Magaz

Autumn dreams

Autumn Joy MALVIE Mag Digital Tearsheets

Autumn Joy

Vibrant Red Digital Cover MALVIE Magazin

Vibrant Red

warmth of friendship MALVIE Magazine-01.

warmth of friendship

Ella Kweku Digital Cover MALVIE French M


Beauty Paloma  MALVIE Magazine www.malvi

Feel the pleasure

Blossom MALVIE Magazine www.malviemag.co


Be bold be soft  Digital Cover MALVIE Ma

Be bold, be soft

The many faces of Vanessa MALVIE Magazin

Vanessa Orie

Désir de la vie Digital Cover MALVIE Mag

Désir de la vie 

Sighs from the depths MALVIE Magazine ww

 Sighs from the depths


Jamiya staring as “IT”

Wild Ones MALVIE Magazine www.MALVIEmag.

Wild Ones

Rea and Ljuba MALVIE Mag Digital cover w

Rea and Ljuba

Vanity Night MALVIE Mag Digital cover ww

Vanity night

Pearl tenderness MALVIE Magazine www.MAL

Pearl Tenderness

A breath of beauty MALVIE Magazine www.m

A breath of beauty

Power & Movement MALVIE Magazine-12.jpg

Power & Movement

Fashion Street Style MALVIE Magazine www

Fashion Street Style

Style Francais-Coreen MALVIE Magazine ww

Style Francais-Coreen

saulius sungis MALVIE Magazine www.MALVI

saulius sungis


Street Skater

Michael Nicolas Digital Cover MALVIE Mag

Michael Nicolas

Nina Francia Digital Cover MALVIE Magazi

Nina Francia

A Polished Sophistication MALVIE Mag Dig

Tatiana Rodionova

Britney MALVIE Magazine-10.jpg


San Diego California Vibes Digital Cover

Maria Soto 

Stephanie Lauren Digital Cover MALVIE Ma

Stephanie Lauren

A light in the dark MALVIE Magazine www.

A light in the dark 


MALVIE Mag is a Fashion, Beauty and Fine-Art Magazine based in France. Also, every month we create a Nude & Boudoir special edition.

MALVIE Mag is seeking out creators & makers. We’re open to artists from all over the world. Feel free to support us submitting your editorial and following us on social media.

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