Ysor Cóndor: You need to find someone, as crazy on the creative side as you are

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how did you get into the photography world?

My name is Ysor Cóndor I am from Peru, I was born and raised in a small town called Sócota, which is located northern highlands of Perú, I studied as an advertising graphic designer, and for part of my career, there was a professional photography program, then exploring that branch of art, it caught my attention and I began to explore more the side of photography, and now it is one of my main work tools.

You have a very unique style. How would you describe your photography to someone who has never seen it?

In general, I have always liked to explore different styles when photographing, be it with lighting, composition, etc. I never liked to be stuck in one style, I am always innovating.

I am colorblind, at an intermediate level, so since I was little I have always been attracted by intense colors and sparkles, my favorite colors are blue and red, and I always try to incorporate them into my photoshoots, as is the case with this photoshoot.

In your experience, what are the most difficult aspects of professional photography?

It is definitely an investment, if you want to have a quality result, you need the basic tools, and it is true that with little you can do a lot, but when you take it to the professional issue, you have to adapt to the client's requirement, and therefore you need to invest in equipment, and it is not cheap at all, adding to the fact that I live in Latin America, then the prices of the equipment are even higher.

What's going through your mind when you are on set behind the camera?

In general, I already have an image in my head of what I want to achieve visually, I consider myself a perfectionist with my work, so when I am on stage, you will see me moving things from one place to another, configuring everything, until I achieve the result I want.

How do you use social media in conjunction with your business? What role does it play in your job?

In the technological world that you live in now, I consider that it is very important, social media, in my case the clients that I get, they come straight from there, they see my work and contact me. and also by recommendations of other clients who worked with me before.

What advice would you give to someone looking at a career in photography?

Start with what you have at hand, do not get stuck in a single style, try to try new things, new settings, lighting, makeup, etc, and always keep your stamp, something that characterizes you from the rest, use references as guides and not as do you copy. and always take photos, sometimes inspiration comes at the least expected moment.

What does it take to achieve a unity of the artistic and commercial aspect of fashion photography?

Finding the balance is always something complicated, on the one hand, you want to be the most open to all the possibilities of artistic creation, but it does not always look good when photographing, so you have to keep in mind that your final creation has to look good visually when taking photos, and trust your instinct, and achieve the perfect combination midpoint.

Ysor, tell us a secret, what is the key to getting the best out of someone for fashion shots?

Well, You need to find someone, as crazy on the creative side as you are, someone, who bets on new creations and who trusts your vision, gives 100% to the project, and above all, someone who is guided by your indications and understands them and make it possible until the result is achieved.

Do you look to other photographers for inspiration, or does your inspiration come from other sources?

I don't have a single favorite photographer as such, in general, I let myself be guided by what I see at the moment, as I said before, sometimes inspiration comes at the least expected moments, so now with social networks, you can find many references from different people, elements etc.

What has been the highlight of your career so far and what are your hopes/dreams for the future?

I always had in mind to have my work shown in all parts of the world, but I didn't dare to do it, until now, when I decided to apply with you, and here I am, being interviewed and told how great it feels that people can see a part of what my art is. I hope you like to see it, as much as it was for me to create it.

I am a dreamer 24/7, I am always aiming for the highest, going hand in hand with art in any direction, at 32 years old I have been through a lot, good and bad, and for that reason, I try to live every day as if it were the last, and I know that the moment to create something is now, there is no need to wait, every dream begins with a small step, and here I am, ready to run.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

If you liked my work, you can follow me on Instagram as @ycmalephoto and Behance as: Ysor Cóndor

Photographer: Ysor Cóndor @ycmalephoto

Model: Roy Mauricio Salazar @roymauricio29 Retoucher: Diana Vinogradova


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