Serayah McNeill: I dream of performing all over the world

Updated: Sep 20

Hello, Serayah! Thank you for talking to us, we appreciate that. For starters, could you tell us a little about yourself? What are the three words you would use to describe your personality?

I am originally from southern CA. I love music, fashion, and speaking to the youth about following their dreams through hard work and determination. Three words that best describe me I would say are curious, loving, and determined.

You have been on ‘Empire’, that’s huge! Do you think you and your character, Tiana, are similar? In each way?

Tiana and I are similar in ways in our love for performance and our drive to achieve the goals we set. Her personal life is totally different, but that's what made playing her fun!

Besides being an actress, you’re also a singer. Do those passions come from the same part of your heart? How did they grow in you?

For me, singing and music are personal diaries met with the accompaniment of instruments. So music lives in me constantly and has since I was very little. I fell in love with acting a little later in my pre-teenage years.

You had your debut album not long ago, in 2018. How did you feel while making and after releasing ‘Addicted’?

Releasing that mixtape was very therapeutic for me because I wasn't able to release music fully because of Empire (the show). So It was my way of connecting and gaining fans musically.

What would you say are your biggest inspirations in life?

Family is a big inspiration for me. Breaking boundaries and generational programming are so important for me. But also, knowing that there are kids out there dreaming like I did makes me want to give them what my favorite artists gave me.

From the songs you have already released, which one is your favorite and why?

My fav released song of mine is 4 Pages. It's inspired by one of my idols Aaliyah 4 Page Letter. I love the lyrical content and moody track.

In both acting and singing, are there any upcoming projects you can tell us about right now?

I'm a lead in a new show called Kingdom Business that will be on BET+. I'm super excited for this because I'm portraying a character that's a little more edgy and has lots of layers.

And for closure, what are your dreams and ambitions for your career in the near future?

I dream of performing all over the world at the biggest arenas. My dream is to play a badass superhero character in the Marvel world and more action/thriller types of films

since those are my favorite genres.

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