Gigi Vega: exclusive interview with the rising star

"Believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Push yourself and stay committed. Haters will hate. That’s talking and talking is a part of marketing. Stay relevant and it will be all good."

You probably heard of her, and you probably heard her music. She's making her way up in the music industry, and it's a big privilege for us all to watch it as she rises. Today, we are very happy to share everything we talked to Gigi Vega.

Photo: Jennifer Johnson

First of all, we really appreciate the opportunity to talk to you, thank you! Now, Gigi, you’ve been writing and studying music since you were very young, where do you think that passion comes from? Did your father, as a jazz musician, influenced you in any way?

For sure. It’s something that has always been around and it always starts somewhere. But getting into the studio and finding my own is really what took things to the next level, there was no stopping after that.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration in the music industry, and why?

It’s hard to pick just one because there are a lot of amazing artists. However, I am most inspired by those who are super full out. My musical training coincided and coexisted with my dance training. When I am performing or even at the early phases of constructing a song, movement is always part of the equation.

Photo: Jennifer Johnson

You just recently had your song, Mistletoe Kiss, as part o fthe in the Netflix original movie from last year ‘The App That Stole Christimas’, that’s a big step! How did it feel to have your work in such a big production?

The song is part of the soundtrack for the production, but it has a huge role in the move sequel coming out this holiday season. The sequel is called “The Drone that Saved Christmas.” It’s a sweet movie about a tech genius who invents a drone that saves people from the natural disasters taking place around the world. I wrote “Mistletoe Kiss” a few years ago. People tell me it’s a classic. They tell me it reminds them of Mariah (Carey), but I don’t know about that. I heard it playing on the radio last year when I was traveling, and I thought it was so strange but exciting. The funny thing about Mistletoe Kiss is that its original name is “Under the Mistletoe.” It had always been that name, as I wrote it a few years ago, but Kelly Clarkson was coming out with a song called “Under the Mistletoe,” so we changed the song title at the last minute.

Other than R&B and Pop, are there any other music styles that you’d like to try? Which ones, and what is your favorite of them all?

I feel most natural in POP/R&B. It wouldn’t be my idea to seriously explore another genre right now, but I would do it for fun if someone asked.

Photo: Jennifer Johnson

You have over a two million views on the ‘Watchu Tryna Do?’ and over four million on the ‘Down Crazy’ one. When you released those videos, did you think so many people, all around the world, would like your music that much?

I love my fans and appreciate them so much. It is amazing to have their support. There are no guarantees how people will react, so I don’t have any expectations. I guess you can say I have been lucky with the fans. I put everything I have into my work and I think they feel that. Ultimately, it is for them to enjoy and be moved by.

Untill now, what would you consider as the biggest challenge in your career, and how did you over come it?

There have been a few. One is when I turned down a 4-year college opportunity at Berklee College. Instead, I decided to go to LA and pursue my music career. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does. I never had doubt in my ability, but the people around me for had not been productive for a while. It takes a team, a very strong and determined one to break an artist. I am very grateful for the BreakOut music team. They are like family.

It’s been only about a year since you signed with Breakout Music and you’re already being described as a ‘Top Rising Star’ and a ‘TikTok phenom’, so what are your next projects now? Is there anything you can share with us to get us even more excited?

Yes, always more new music and I hope that I can finally get on stage and perform again. I love the energy from an audience. I have some collaborations in the works, but the biggest is that I am going to be one of the main characters in a feature film. It is a Halloween movie, which is by far my favorite genre.

When you first started to sing and to write music, what was your biggest goal as a musician?

I have had the amazing freedom to grow as an artist, to write and sing about what moves me. In that respect, I feel extremely fortunate. My musical career started to take off during COVID, so I haven’t been able to achieve my biggest dream, to put a stage show together. I want to be able to take people on a safe musical journey with me, live on stage.

And for closure, what you’d like to say to inspire young people who are just discovering their passion and talent for music?

Believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Push yourself and stay committed. Haters will hate. That’s talking and talking is a part of marketing. Stay relevant and it will be all good.