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Dolapo Odunsi MALVIE Cover, Photographed by Blake Martin

MALVIE Mag The September ISSUE Vol. 06 2020

“Pleasantville” by Blake Martin was inspired by the 1998 film of the same name.

In the film, the community of Pleasantville is all black and white, until they discover love. Once they feel emotion for the first time, they begin to turn into color and discover how beautiful the world around them is.

For this editorial, I wanted to use that as my inspiration and create a community full of people who began to blossom into color when they discovered the world of fashion.

In society’s standards, women typically show their emotions more

openly than men. For this editorial, we wanted to show the men in more vibrant, colorful and in motion imagery and allow the ladies to embody a darker and more stoic fashion.

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